My first undressing on camera - led to first my first taste of cum.

My boyfriend has had some lucky shots with his camera a few times before lifting the blanket when I slept but this is the first time I took my clothes off knowing that a camera was rolling.
It ended up with us making our first sex video together.

Cute asian Thai teen girl Nueng with a big smile on the bed.

I was so shy and uncomfortable about him wanting to film me without clothes but also turning me on in a strange way.

Shy and cute asian Thai teen girl Nueng undressing on the bed with her boyfriend.

So I gave in and starting pulling my clothes of while he filmed me.

Cute asian Thai teen girl Nueng boyfrined tries to see her pussy.

When I first got started it was actually not that bad.

Cute asian Thai teen girl Nueng smiling on bed topless.

"Do you think my nipples are too dark honey?"

Cute asian Thai teen girl Nueng taking her top off while her boyfriend film it.

"No, they are just fine, I like them dark. Now take them jeans off so that I can see your pussy."

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"NO, remove your hand so I can see it."

Cute asian Thai teen girl Nueng asking her boyfriend if he likes her dark puffy nipples.

He tried to comfort me by telling me all the time how hot, sexy and beautiful I am.

Cute asian Thai teen girl Nueng taking off her jeans for her boyfriend.

And I ended up loosing up a little and could start to smile.

Cute asian Thai teen girl Nueng smiling on bed naked and get shy and try to cover her natural pussy.

He touched me everywhere, poking, grabbing gently played.

Cute asian Thai teen girl Nueng with boyfriend playing with her silky fine pussy.

"Your pussy hair is just same Thai silk, honey."

Cute asian Thai teen girl Nueng smiling on bed topless.

Had just undressed in front of my boyfriend while he was filming it. Just a few weeks ago I was still an innocent virgin and here I was with a boyfriend that expected me to make a sex movie with him "only for you - me honey".
We had watched some sex movies together so knew a little bit about what was in line for me.

Cute asian Thai teen girl Nueng smiling on bed topless while boyfriend play with her pointed firm tits.

Try to put it in your mouth and suck on it honey, I had tried a couple of times before but not for long at a time, only long enough to make his cock hard enough to get a fuck, except a few days ago where he got carried away, will tell you all about that in my next episode.
But now the tone was, do it same the girl in the movie honey. I will not say that I at that time liked sucking cock at all but I could see it looked naughty and also sexy in the cameras monitor. Did it mostly because I could feel that it gave him much pleasure.

Cute asian Thai teen girl Nueng smiling on bed getting her silky fine pussy hair played with.

The movie we watched a lot of times was Tarzan with Rocco and he is not soft with his girls but gosh how he is a hot stud and a big turn-on for me, he can really make my knees soft and my pussy dripping wet.
I did off cause my very best attempt to please him but could not get all the cock down to his big frustration.
I do not know how many of you have tried to swallow a cock and take it past the uvula and down into your throat without getting vomiting reactions.
Just a few days before, I had tried the same thing and it was just about to succeed when he got too keen and pressed on the back of my head to force the very last bit of his cock down my throat.
As a result, I vomited on his stomach so it splashed up in his face and made a hell of a mess on the bed, that he later had to explain to the concierge at the hotel to get new betting on, wonder if he told them the truth.
I only told him "Sum num na" Thais saying that when people get what they deserved because of their own wrong-doing. Then I went to the shower leaving him there on the bed, messed all up, with a hard cock and nobody to take care of it.
To my big regret, he did not play with his camera that day, it would have been so fun to have had that scene.

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What on earth was this that I had gotten myself into. Here I sat with his big cock in my hand and he expected me to swallow it all the way to its base.

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I never imagined it was so demanding to deep throat a cock, the gag reaction got my eyes running and how is it possible to breathe with a dick filling the throat.

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Tried the best I could and there was plenty of good advice and ideas, stick the tongue out, make your tongue flat then it should probably come all the way down.

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I sucked and licked but had to hold some breaks in between to get some air. I asked if we could start fucking instead, but he insisted that I made him cum by sucking him. So took a big breath of fresh air and got on with the project.

Cute asian Thai teen girl Nueng deep throating a big white cock.

I sucked, sobbed, sucked and began to think that I had found a tactic for when I used the tongue in a certain way while letting the dickhead get a little down in my throat, I could feel that his dick swelled and he quivered a bit. So I started to do it like that and thought it went very well, I was kind of starting to like it and getting turned on by being in control of him.

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Then suddenly he did the same as last and used his hand on my head to force his dick all the way down and hold my head so I could not take it away.

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Then I could feel the dick start pulsing and the sperm was just pumping into my throat, I felt I'd have to choke and just wanted the dick out, I looked at him with my most begging eyes just wanted him to stop when he told me to just swallow it.

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I tried to swallow but could not breathe and took my head off to get some air, resulting in I inhaled sperm that made me cough as sperm and spit flew out of my mouth.

Cute asian Thai teen girl Nueng feeling her boyfriends fat cock pumping sperm down her throat.

He asked me if I liked it, what I to my big surprise actually did not know, my survival instinct had taken over and all that I did was on autopilot to get my breath so in the turmoil I forgot to taste it. So I told him that I was not sure, and he just took his cock and squeezed out a few more drops, pointed it towards me and asked me to taste it again.

Cute asian Thai teen girl Nueng trying not to choke while her boyfriends fat cock is pumping sperm down her throat all while he forces her head down his rod with his hand, she is sending him begging eyes to try make him stop.

It felt a bit weird to lick the cum up like that but did as I was told now I came this far so why not.

Cute asian Thai teen girl Nueng smiling on bed topless with cum running out of her mouth after having tried to swallow all the cum her boyfrind was pumping down her throat.

Was told to make sure it was completely clean from cum so gave it a good suck and worked hard on it with my tongue until he said I could stop.

Cute asian Thai teen girl Nueng tasting more cum and licking the cock clean.

It did not taste bad I told him and he smiled at me and told that I will have many future chances to get a better taste of it. I could still get a smile and was proud of just having given my first orgasm with my mouth.

Cute asian Thai teen girl Nueng smiling on bed topless.

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