Become a webcam model and start earning today.

Have you been thinking about having fun and making an extra income as webcam model? You can easily do so no matter of age (18+) or if you are female, male, transsexual, a couple or a group of any gender.

I have myself worked as a webcam model for some time now and it has given me both funny hours of talking with people from around the globe and quite a bit of experience and income ;)

Having worked with different model pages in the beginning, some better than others so now I stick with one.
There are various reasons to why I do so that I will like to list for you:

  • I am not from America or Europe and for me I found it to say it the least VERY DIFFICULT to find a way to get paid in a timely and honest manner with some of the companies. Now I get paid every two weeks and the money goes directly into my personal MasterCard that was provided to me for free. That way I can withdraw them instantly at any ATM worldwide or spend them in any shop that accepts MasterCard. I am sure this works for Americans and Europeans as well ;)
  • The registration is swift and free.
  • Nothing to install on your computer, all you need is some sort of computer with Windows or Mac OS that is connected to the internet and then off cause a webcam. (since you can read this you most probably already have.)
  • Everything is very discreet and you can block access from any country or state so that your friends and family can't see you even if they visited the site.
  • Twice Monthly Payouts (Direct Deposit, Payoneer, Paxum, Check or Wire payments), I use Payoneer myself.
  • Ecellent customer service from dedicated staff that are ready to help with any problem you might have.

So what do you need to get started?

  1. The proper hardware as descriped above.
  2. You need to have a government issued picture ID to prove you are 18+, that can be a passport, driver licence or a national ID.
  3. Sign up as a model here.

You can see an example of how the chat function here below, it is just a random model picked by the system. The model/s earn 5 Cents (USD) for each token received.

Above there are a live model/s I will like to explain some of the stuff you see (not what the model/s are doing as I have no idea) Remember that this is just a random model and might not be of your prefference or what you would like to do as a show. What you do is completely up to you and this sample do not reprecent what you will have to, it's just the choice of this particular model.

First the username colors:

  • Orange names are model/s in daily called the broadcaster
  • Red names are moderators, people selected by the broadcaster to moderate the chat and taking care of rude or offensive users by using different tools, like silence, kick, ban etc. The moderator are your friend and it is important to have some good mods as they are mostly called.
  • Light blue names have tokens that means that they can tip you.
  • Dark blue names have tipped 50 tokens or more in the past 24 hours, this is the ones who both have the tokesn and are willing to use them.
  • Green names are member of the fan club for the shown broadcaster. That will say they pay a certain montly fee selected by the broadcaster to give access to uploaded pictures or video and tickets to shows etc. that is up to you how you run your chat.
  • Grey names have no tokens, they are the most likely to be rude and some broadcasters deny them right to write, that is up to you, I let them write as I think they are potential customers. If you turn a grey into a customer you will earn 20% of what he spend on any broadcaster forever!

When you broadcast there are some things that are mandatory and some that are strictly forbidden

First the things you must:

  • All persons appearing on your cam must submit age verification and be at least 18 years old.

Then the things you can't:

  • You can not let persons appear on your cam that have not submitted age verification.
  • No kids running around in the background.
  • No alcohol or drugs consumed during the broadcast.
  • No obvious drunk or drugged persons during the broadcast.

Using your common sence will get you far.

I hope you will have as much fun as I have doing shows and meet a lot of wonderful people from around the world while making a nice extra income.

1000 kisses and the best of luck!