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Hi, my nick around is Nueng / Thaiprincess / Thaiprincesse, I have been told that I am a hot sexy woman and I know that I love fun and sex. I do not claim that I do the worlds best blowjobs, but I do my best and try very hard to continue to improve in everything that I do.

I have trained very much on my oral and deep throat skills and can today take a quite big cock completely down my throat while massaging and licking it with my tongue until the sperm shoots into my mouth and down my throat. I always swallow the sperm with a smile and milk every last drop out, leaving the cocks happy, nice and clean.
I am having a feeling that the cock owners feel satisfied as well. :)

Looking back it has been fun and adventurous to experience the progress from when I was an eighteen-year-old naive virgin and first time licked a cock a little with the tip of my tongue, what made me feel disgusted. After some time I got talked into trying to take just the tip of the head a little in my mouth and try sucking on it a bit. Having survived that I got braver and braver, after a while I even agreed to try letting him come in my mouth. I must admit that I have vomited quite a few times on the stomach of my instructor when his dick got too far in or his load was too much.

There have been taken a lot of videos and pictures during my transformation from naive teen virgin to what I am today. It is that material I will try to compile and post here as a sort of documentary on how I got from, scared off, to lover of cocks.
Off cause, all present and future efforts will be documented as well.

Teaching my friend Lio how to suck cock and take it really deep into the throat, she did well and tasted some of the cum in the end.

My cousin Oui trying to make a good New Years video together with me, she was such a good student.

Giving my boyfriend a morning blowjob, he must have been desperate because he did not last long.


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